Welcome to Charleston Lavender Farm website.

After 15 magical years it is time to end this journey. Charleston Lavender Farm is now closed.

Lavender is a magical plant, with many properties and uses from its relaxing fragrance to culinary uses and pain relief.  Some uses of lavender include:

Culinary–pick flower stems just as flowers open, dried lavender is about 3 times as strong as fresh; use buds for both sweet and savory dishes, leaves and stems are great for grilling or flavoring vinegar and oil. Lavender is related to rosemary and can be substituted in most recipes.

Household–dried buds in sachets are used to scent drawers and repel moths, fleas, and other insects; popular for use in mixed potpourris, great as a carpet deodorizer or cleaner.

Cosmetic–lavender water is used for delicate and sensitive skin to speed cell regeneration, as an antiseptic against acne, added to soaps, or in massage oil for muscle aches.

Medicinal–a tea infusion is used for headaches and calming, especially in baths; oil is used for headaches (one drop on the temple), and as a painkiller for insect bites, burns and rashes.

Aromatherapy–essential oil is used for stress reduction, calming, and anti-depression therapy

Dried Lavender Bud

Dried Lavender Bud

Lavender season in Northern California is June to August- so that is when I have fresh lavender bouquets available. Dried lavender and lavender products are available year round. I have a wide range of quality products available and can be mail ordered anywhere. For more details about Charleston Lavender Farm products link to Products.


12 responses to “Home

  1. Congrats! Calendar is a great idea for those of us with vintage brains. Also like the presentation of your soap. Must have a lovely eye pillow. Wishing you much success.


  2. I will b in Charleston at the end of September. Can I visit your farm, take a tour and/or take a class? Any information would b greatly appreciated. Thank you .


  3. Are you at the Placer Grown Farmers Market at the Fountains in Roseville on Tuesday’s? Thank you.


  4. Hello my name is Daniel Pittman and I am interested in starting a small farm of my own. I am actually located in Charleston South Carolina and would love to talk to you about what it takes. Thank you very much for your time


    • Hi Daniel
      I’m actually located in California. My last name is Charleston, hence the name of my farm. I probably wouldn’t have much insight as the varieties of lavender you can grow in your area are much different than the ones I grow. Good luck to you.


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