Fresh/Dried Lavender

Fresh lavender bouquets $ 5 (June to August)

Premier, Sachet and Hidcote (English lavender) and Grosso, Alba and Fred Boutin (Lavadin varieties) are available in fresh and dried bouquets.

Dried lavender bouquets    $ 5                       20130217_154353

Dried lavender buds (.5 oz or 1 lb.) $ 3 or $30imagesUU5L2MVR

Lavender Plants $5

I don’t ship plants. Please contact me if you would like to purchase plants.

Plant 2

All of the lavender is grown on my farm using no insecticides or pesticides. They can be used for culinary, aromatherapy, or craft uses

One response to “Fresh/Dried Lavender

  1. Hi,
    How are you? My name is Zully Davies and I purchased lavender sachets from you in Auburn while my husband and I were visiting my in-laws two years ago. I loved your products!
    I would like to buy a pound of lavender buds and 4 lavender bouquets.
    How can I buy products from your shop? I live in San Fernando Valley, CA in Northridge, CA
    Can you please tell me how much is for the shipping too?
    Thank you!


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